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Spin Dessert Café & Bistro is a competing desserts café founded by a former franchisee of Demetres. Since we value our intellectual property, including our unique recipes and systems developed by us over 25 years, we were forced to commence a lawsuit to protect our system and brand against the following defendants: D.L.G. & ASSOCIATES LTD., carrying on business as SPIN DESSERT CAFÉ, SPIN EMPORIUM INC. (also carrying on business as SPIN FRANCHISING CORP.), carrying on business as SPIN DESSERT CAFE, MOLEDINA ENTERPRISE LIMITED, NASIR MOLEDINA (also known as NASH MOLEDINA), DIANE SPENCE and GULBANU MOLEDINA.

Although an agreement was reached to settle our lawsuit, the Defendants did not abide by the terms of the settlement and, therefore, we have obtained a judgment against our former franchisee from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

The details of these actions are public record and can be independently obtained at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, 393 University Avenue, 10th Floor., Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1E6. For more detailed information regarding the lawsuit and subsequent judgment, please click here.

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