Key Lime Sorbetto

Key Lime Sorbetto

Our seasonal, Summer Only sorbetto.


Refreshingly light, yet creamy sorbet made with fresh limes, graham cracker crumble, pieces of vanilla meringue and splashes of almond milk and coconut milk.


Available (while supplies last) during our Summer 2019 Menu only: June 1 – Aug 31st 2019

Served in the following desserts & beverages:

Demetres' Vegan Desserts


Demetres' Nut Free Desserts

Nut Free

Demetres' Gluten Free

Gluten Free

Demetres' Whey Free Ice Cream

Whey Free

Please note that while our sorbetto may not include the ingredients listed above, it is made on site and may be exposed to minuscule amounts of allergens as a result.