Foolishly High-Quality Ingredients

It’d be easy to go for average. It wouldn’t even be hard to go for second-best. We chose otherwise. Nielsen Massey Vanillas. Barry Callebaut Belgian Chocolates. Real fruit purees. Fresh fruit delivered daily. It’s easy to have delicious desserts when you use all-star ingredients. 

Demetres' Toffeemate Cake with Honey Vanilla Ice Cream

Hand-Crafted Ice Creams

Demetres is famous for our artisanal, ultra-premium ice creams made lovingly in Toronto. No such thing as ‘store-bought’ here. Keeping as pure as possible, we go out of our way to use the best quality ingredients for the richest, tastiest ice cream you’ll have in the GTA.

Demetres' A Momint To Remember Sundae

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