Demetres is a unique dessert experience like none other.

Laser Focused On Desserts

We’re a true desserts restaurant. That means we don’t get distracted with preparing pizzas, sandwiches, etc.

We do one thing and one thing only, and we do it well: desserts.

We serve our desserts in a sit-down restaurant environment. That’s right, full-service with a server, table ordering, the works. That makes it a pretty cool date night idea, a great place to catch up with friends, or any other time when you just want to focus on your company and your desserts and nothing else.

Small Batch Ice Cream

Since Day 1, 28 years ago in 1989, we’ve been making our very own ice cream. Never once have we ever served ‘store-bought’ ice cream.

You won’t find flavour and body close to Demetres anywhere else. You really just have to experience it to know what we mean.

We take time in properly developing the best ice cream flavours. We stick to ten perfect flavours. We’re not about quantity. Not at all.

Flavour rules in this domain.

Quality Ingredients = Quality Desserts

Working with only the best suppliers allows us to hand-pick all our toppings and sweet additions, and ensures that each and every ingredient used to hand-craft your creation is the highest quality possible.

At Demetres nothing is ever casually chosen. We meticulously choose the best. We know authentic ingredients make the best tasting desserts, and we know you expect the best.

From The Six

Did we mention we’re from Toronto?

That’s right. Home grown, 100% Canadian.

True to our roots, we’re sticking around.

11 locations across the GTA.