Demetres is Dessert. Experienced.

We Are:

Laser Focused on Desserts

We’re a true dessert restaurant. That means we don’t get distracted with preparing salads, pizzas, or sandwiches (no risk of seeing a kale salad here, folks).

Our desserts are served in a comfortable, sit-down environment with full-service, table ordering, the works. That makes it a pretty cool date night idea, a great place to celebrate milestones, or gathering place for you and your loved ones.

Demetres' Donatella Versace Waffle

Making Small Batch Ice Cream

We have been making our own ice cream since the very beginning in 1989. Would you ever take a dessert restaurant seriously if they served store-bought ice cream? We wouldn’t either.

The flavour and body of our ice cream took a long time to develop and is uniquely ours. After years of testing, we have come up with ten perfect flavours – quality over quantity is the name of the game. But don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself.

Using Top Quality Ingredients

Working with only the best suppliers allows us to hand-pick all our toppings and sweet additions, and ensures that each and every ingredient used to hand-craft our desserts is the highest quality possible.

At Demetres, nothing is ever casually chosen. Authentic ingredients make the best tasting desserts, so we continuously taste test until we end up with the best product possible.

Hands holding up four cones of Demetres' ice cream against a pink backdrop
Inside the Original Demetres Cafe on the Danforth

From The Six

From our original restaurant on the Danforth in 1989, to our 13 locations across the GTA today, everything about us is home grown.

And that rich flavourful ice cream we mentioned? It’s made from the best quality dairy we can find, right here in Ontario.

To find out more about our history and where our name came from, head over to our blog here.