Demetres Danforth

East of Broadview, West of Pape on the North side of Danforth at Chester.

Delivery, Pick Up, Take Out & Dine-In Hours

Sun-Thu: 2PM-11PM

Fri-Sat: 2PM-12AM

Demetres Danforth

Demetres Danforth is a dessert restaurant experience unlike any other.

Since 1989, Demetres has made its mark as Toronto’s premier dessert-only restaurant, serving house-made ice creams, crepes, waffles and more. It’s sit-down dessert with a fork and knife.

Demetres Danforth is located west of Pape Ave. on the north side of Danforth Ave. at Chester Ave.

Our Danforth restaurant offers the full Demetres menu, including crepes and waffles topped with authentic Belgian chocolate sauces, fresh-cut fruit, and to-die-for ice creams that satisfy even the pickiest of sweet-tooths.

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Welcome to Demetres Danforth!